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  1. Buchenwald Hell on Earth pg 1 pg. 2
    Dr. Kenneth A. Falber

  2. Concentration Camp Horrors Recalled--
    The Courier Journal, Kentucky   April 7,1995

  3. Woodstock Man Recalls Horrors Of WWII Nazi Death Camps-- The Courier,  Littleton, NH  April 5, 1995

  4. Horrors Of Buchenwald Prison Camp Told By Liberated Man After 15 Months Of Torture

  5. .A Pilgrimage to Buchenwald  Part 1     By: Gabriel Levenson

  6. A Pilgrimage to Buchenwald  Part 2     By Gabriel Levenson

  7. 7th Army News

  8. 7th Army News 2

  9. 80th Army News

  10. Chicago_Times

  11. Time Magazine 1945

  12. Buchenwald Report By Georges Vanier

  13. Polish Massacre, Newsweek

  14. Mutating Virus Hatred of Jews

  15. Jon Marcus Boston Magazine

  16. Isaac Kram Editorial

  17. Samantha Power's Mission to Shine a Spotlight on Genocide

  18. Malaysian leader claims that Jews 'rule the world by proxy'
  19. Warren Priest Interview Concord Monitor Newpaper Oct. 25, 2007



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