Welcome to Buchenwald and Beyond

The 120th Evacuation Hospital, Camp Shelby, Mississippi, December 2, 1944

We were members of the US Army 120th Evacuation Hospital, one of the first American medical units to encounter concentration camp survivors.

We entered Buchenwald Concentration Camp in April 1945, to find some 55,000 men and boys, starved, sick, and dying by the hundreds each day.

We saw, smelled, and touched what happens when people are indifferent to the lives of others.

Our response was this: we got involved.

Within three days of our arrival, the death rate had dropped drastically and every survivor had hope.

Use our experiences, both at Buchenwald and beyond, to understand the importance of being involved, locally and globally, to defeat the evil of indifference.

Add your thoughts about global and local issues in the Beyond section.

Let's learn from each other.